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Specialized conveyor belt shifters

Open surface mines utilise conveyer belts to transport minerals or overburden from the seam to reprocessing areas. Repositioning of conveyer belts is a time-consuming operation, but the Dressta SB-85 is specifically engineered to perform rapid repositioning and realignment of conveyor belts – a common requirement in open pit mines. When hundreds of meters of conveyor belt need to be repositioned, powerful and reliable heavy equipment is crucial for the efficiency of the mining operation.

The Dressta SB-85 PT and rail re-handling attachment deliver precise control of the clamp to grab and reposition the rail of the conveyor base for rapid repositioning, ensuring production doesn’t fall behind schedule.

Dressta mining application engineers can assist you and recommend the optimal specifications, modifications and attachments – all engineered for your business. For any additional requirements, we encourage customers to make Special Feature Requests (SFR) for truly tailored machines.

Take a look at the key features of our conveyor belt shifting machines – designed for maximum efficiency in mining applications across the world.

If you cannot find the model below with the appropriate engine configuration (Emission Levels: Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim, Tier 4 Final) for your region, please email us or contact your local dealer.






Specialised Belt Shifting Equipment

The SB-85 PT conveyor belt equipment has been designed to shift conveyors with a belt width of up to 2500mm. It may also be used to shift sliding railway tracks.

The machine features a boom system on the left hand side fitted with a rail re-handling attachment. The choice of a hydraulic or mechanical head is available, and specialized pumps, valve hoses, cables, hooks and blocks are provided.

Precise Hydraulic Controls

Dressta’s hydraulic systems are engineered to put the operator in control with joystick operation that allows precise and predicable positioning of the clamp in parallel, radial and combined shifting operations.

Optimal Manoeuvrability

The SB-85 PT is ideal for confined areas and tough operating conditions. An extremely low centre of gravity combined with high ground clearance means the machines are agile and manoeuvrable in the most difficult terrains. This advantage also allows them to move underneath overhead cables and conveyors on site.

For additional information on why Dressta machines are ideal for belt shifting applications, find your nearest Dressta dealer.


Machines Engineered for Belt Shifting

Purpose-built SB-85PT with 320hp CUMMINS KT-19C 18.8 litre turbocharged and after cooled engine is the machine for conveyor belt shifting, carrying belts up to 2500mm in width, as well as sliding railways tracks. The belt & rail re-handling attachment delivers precise control of the clamp. Helps to grab and reposition the rail of the conveyor base for rapid repositioning.

Key Specifications

Engine Manufacturer / Model / TierCummins/KT-19C/T1
Rated Speed2100 RPM
Engine Output - Net238 kW319 hp
Rated Speed - Torque1500 RPM
Engine Torque1530 Nm1,128.5 lb/ft
Transmission Type - Fwd Rev SpeedsPowershift - 6/6
Track Shoe Width864 mm34.0 in
Fuel Tank627 l165.6 Gal(US)
Ground Clearance660 mm26.0 in
Overall Length5770 mm227.2 in
Ground Clearance660 mm26.0 in
Transport Width - Side Frames Removed4040 mm159.1 in
Boom Length3250 mm128.0 in
Width - Weights Retracted5800 mm228.3 in
Cable Size - Hook Winch0.02 m0.8 in
Cable Length - Hook Winch0.01 m0.4 in
Ground Bearing Pressure71.30 kPa10.3 psi
Lift Capacity - Tipping100000 kg220,462.0 lb
Load Capacity15300 kg33,730.7 lb
Speed Forward9.30 km/h5.8 MPH
Operating Weight
Operating Weight50400 kg111,112.8 lb

Features & Benefits

DRESSTA SB-85PT strong, efficient and dependable. Designed for the unique demands of the beltshifting applications. It features high stability, low ground pressure and low centre of gravity and enhanced slope capability. Ergonomic joystick control for boom and hook, which ensures precise and predictable load control and positioning. 

Dressta belt shifting equipment can be customised to match the requirements of the jobs you do. If the challenges of your project require unique machine modifications, Dressta can help to deliver success through our Special Feature Requests (SFRs).

Our SB-85 PT conveyor belt shifter has been designed to lift, move and position conveyor belts with a width of up to 2500mm, as well as sliding railway tracks S45, S60 and P65 – components deemed essential to the productivity of a mining site.

The Dressta SB-85 & rail re-handling attachment delivers precise control of the clamp to grab and reposition the rail of the conveyor base for rapid repositioning, and to ensure production schedules don’t slip.

Dressta belt shifters employ hydraulically controlled counterweights on the right-hand side of the machine, which swing horizontally to ensure maximum machine stability and improved visibility for the operator.

The counterweights are designed to be a minimum overall width to further improve the efficiency of manoeuvring conveyor belts.

The machines are fitted with mechanical boom kick-outs. These automatically disengage power to the boom winch to prevent damage when the boom is in its highest position.

Our beltshifters’ design means that components are arranged for easy accessibility, and can be removed as single units – making repairs or replacements efficient and simple, and keeping operating costs low.

Grouped service points and easy access to service centres make routine checks fast and convenient. In addition, our diagnostic connectors enable fast troubleshooting of any hydraulic drivetrain problems.