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Coal Compaction

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Coal Compaction

Dressta dozers can be equipped with additional mounting compaction equipment for slope rolling tasks. By compacting the surface area of the slope air pockets are eliminated, thus reducing the risk of heat build-up leading to the combustion of trapped air. The Dressta slope rolling attachment itself is both reliable and easy to operate.

We are able to listen, advise and implement Special Feature Requests (SFR) to ensure your slope rolling attachment is ideally matched for the task at hand. Take a look at how our machines excel on the slopes.

If you cannot find the model below with the appropriate engine configuration (Emission Levels: Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim, Tier 4 Final) for your region, please email us or contact your local dealer.

3 TD 20M

4 TD 20M

5 TD 20M

6 TD 20M

7 TD 20M

8 TD 20M


Slope rolling tasks are performed by attaching a specially designed steel compaction drum to a winch line on the back of the Dressta dozer, allowing the compaction drum to be deployed on the slope of the stockpile.


The drum is equipped with brackets to attach it to a tense winch line, with a line tensioning system to prevent it contacting the slope during or after operation. A mechanism ensures optimal line guiding and tensioning, and a cleaning system is implemented to remove coal contamination.

The joystick-controlled drum support system means the crawler dozer can be used for other tasks while the compaction drum is attached.

Superior Dozer Stability

Dressta crawler dozers can operate on a maximum slope gradient of 25° for length-wise slopes, and 20° for cross-wise slopes. 

Machines Engineered for Coal Compaction

Key Specifications

EngineManufacturerModelTier Cummins/QSL9/T4F
Displacement 8.9 l 543.1 in3
RatedSpeed 2200 RPM
EngineOutputNet 185 kW 248 hp
RatedSpeedTorque 1500 RPM
EngineTorque 1213 Nm 894.7 lb/ft
TransmissionTypeFwdRevSpeeds Powershift - 6/6
CarrierRollersTrackRollers 2/6
ShoePitch 216 mm 8.5 in
TrackShoeWidth 560 mm 22.0 in
GroundContactArea 32000 cm2 4,960.0 in2
NumberOfShoes 40
FuelTank 420 l 111.0 Gal(US)
HydraulicTank 115 l 30.4 Gal(US)
BladeCapacity 7.04 m3 9.2 yd3
HeightTopOfROPSMax 3480 mm 137.0 in
GroundClearance 460 mm 18.1 in
WidthOverTracks 2540 mm 100.0 in
TrackLengthOnGround 2860 mm 112.6 in
BladeWidth 3500 mm 137.8 in
GroundClearance 460 mm 18.1 in
SpeedForwardMaximum 10.5 km/h 6.5 MPH
SpeedReverseMaximum 12.2 km/h 7.6 MPH
GroundBearingPressure 73.5 kPa 10.7 psi
DrawbarPullMaximum 610 kN 137.1 lbf
ImplementPumpFlow 239.7 l/min 8.5 cfm
Operating Weight
OperatingWeight 24340 kg 53,660.5 lb

Features & Benefits

Optimal power to weight ratio for unrivalled traction & drawbar pull…

The TD-25R Extra sets the standards for others to follow and is a result of DRESSTA’s experience in designing highly efficient and productive Crawler Dozers.

Design concepts utilised in the TD-25R Extra include, optimisation of weight distribution, modular construction, and use of a one-piece main frame, two-speed Steering Drive and a 3-point track mounting system. Optimal performance is achieved when machine weight is matched to power and the TD-25R Extra provides a second-to-none balance of weight for traction and power for unrivalled drawbar pull.


Key Specifications

EngineManufacturerModelTier Cummins/QSX 15/T4F
Displacement 15 l 915.4 in3
RatedSpeed 2000 RPM
EngineOutputNet 280 kW 375 hp
RatedSpeedTorque 1200 RPM
EngineTorque 1993 Nm 1,470.0 lb/ft
TransmissionTypeFwdRevSpeeds Powershift - 6/6
CarrierRollersTrackRollers 2/6
ShoePitch 250 mm 9.8 in
TrackShoeWidth 560 mm 22.0 in
GroundContactArea 36600 cm2 5,673.0 in2
NumberOfShoes 39
FuelTank 770 l 203.4 Gal(US)
HydraulicTank 130 l 34.3 Gal(US)
BladeCapacity 9.6 m3 12.6 yd3
HeightTopOfROPSMax 3800 mm 149.6 in
GroundClearance 576 mm 22.7 in
WidthOverTracks 2700 mm 106.3 in
TrackLengthOnGround 3270 mm 128.7 in
BladeWidth 4050 mm 159.4 in
GroundClearance 576 mm 22.7 in
SpeedForwardMaximum 10.3 km/h 6.4 MPH
SpeedReverseMaximum 12.2 km/h 7.6 MPH
GroundBearingPressure 111 kPa 16.1 psi
DrawbarPullMaximum 793 kN 178.3 lbf
ImplementPumpFlow 305.5 l/min 10.8 cfm
Operating Weight
OperatingWeight 41250 kg 90,940.6 lb

Features & Benefits


Designed to make hard work easy on the operator. The cab has a functional design to keep the operator engaged on the job. Operators will enjoy the newly added features that allow exceptional in-cab comfort.

  • The New ROPS/FOPS Integrated CAB, provides superior all round visibility which is essential for a safe and productive work environment on the jobsite.
  • The pressurised low vibration cab is quieter, and comes with a deluxe high-back air suspension seat that is angled at 140, large LCD display, A/C, sound suppression package.
  • It is fitted with a responsive low effort blade control joysticks for smoother ease of operation.


The TD-25 is powered by Cummins QSX 15 Engine that delivers steady torque and power for efficient dozing and ripping performance.

  • Robust powershift transmission combined with the unique 2-Speed Steering Drive transfers 100% engine power to both tracks for better load retention in turns and provides the best in the class Drawbar Pull, up to 20% more than competitors.
  • TD-25 is offered with a heavy duty rigid undercarriage with lubricated track chain and split master link.
  • It is fitted with variety of track shoes ranging from 22” up to 30” width.
  • Multiple choice of blades; Semi-U 9.6m3 (Standard), Full-U 11,5 m3 , Coal 21m3 and Angle 5.7m3 meet wide range of requirements for applications varying from though rocky quarries, to road & highway, conduction, landscaping and municipality works.
  • It is offered with 2 optional Parallelogram RipperS, multishank and single shank with unrivalled penetration up to 1,7 meter (deep dig option).


TD-25 is fitted with Electro Hydraulics, enabling intelligence systems to be fitted with ease. Systems such as Trimble / Leica / Topcon will be compatible and can be pre-installed.

  • Plug & Play ready for GPS fleet management systems.
  • Automatic transmission down shifting.
  • Transmission gears preselection.


Easy, ground level access to the Test Bar, sight gauges of al fluids, and greasing points ensuring increased uptime.

  • Modular component layout to make servicing and maintenance quicker, easier and cheaper.
  • High capacity fuel tank will make the operation possible through full 2 working shifts.