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Rip, doze & load

Dressta wheel loaders and dozers are ideally suited for material handling and extraction of minerals and resources from quarries.

Enquire about a machine for your quarry project and we can help recommend performance specifications for maximum productivity. You can also make Special Feature Requests (SFR) to meet specific criteria required for your jobsite.

  • Automatic Greasing / Lubrication Systems
  • Telematics & Pay-Scale Systems
  • Slab or Block Forks
  • Reinforced Buckets
  • High Tip Buckets

Take a look at our wheel loaders and see how they can improve the efficiency of your project. If you cannot find the model below with the appropriate engine configuration (Emission Levels: Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim, Tier 4 Final) for your region, please email us or contact your local dealer.


560E Working in Poland

TD-40E Working in Russia


TD-25M Working in Uzbekistan


560E Working in Poland


Quarries Sand & Aggregate

Built on over 40 years of loader design and manufacturing experience, Dressta machines are ideally suited for use in quarries. The machines efficiently perform a range of necessary quarry functions, including production loading, feeding rock crushers and moving materials.

Attachment Versatility

From dedicated rock buckets to fork-lift attachments, Dressta quarry equipment can be equipped with a diverse range of attachments to meet the needs for your job site.

Durable Designs

Dressta quarry machines are characterized by a high pry-out force due to its Z-bar loader linkage with a single bucket cylinder. All loader linkage pins are sealed to keep out abrasive dust and grit that can accumulate in quarries. 

The frame weldments are made from high strength steel and incorporate castings at critical locations to absorb heavy weights, shock loads and racking forces.

Pure Power

Powered by Cummins engines, the hydraulically driven, variable speed fan for high cooling efficiency dampens the blasting of debris again the radiator core, allowing the machine to operate effortlessly in the toughest quarry environments.

For additional information on why Dressta machines are ideal for quarry applications, find your nearest Dressta dealer.


Machines Engineered for Quarry

What's new…

  • Larger Cab & More Space Inside
  • Wider doors for improved access
  • Tapered engine hood for improved visibility
  • 33% more glass surface 
  • New pressurized cab granting lower noise and no dust ingress
  • Reduced in-cab noise level to 78 dB(A)
  • Reduced vibration levels
  • Improve Climate Control Settings
  • Further enhanced serviceability thanks to improved hydraulic system with new hose & pipe routing

Engineered for productivity, safe operation, reliability and long life, the Dressta TD-25M is the dozer of choice for industry professionals around the world.


Key Specifications

Engine Manufacturer / Model / TierCummins QSX15
Displacement15.00 l915.4 in3
Rated Speed1800 RPM
Engine Output - Net277 kW371 hp
Engine Torque1825 Nm1,346.1 lb/ft
Transmission Type - Fwd Rev SpeedsPowershift - 6/6
Track Shoe Width560 mm22.0 in
Ground Contact Area35000 cm25,425.0 in2
Number of Shoes38
Fuel Tank830 l219.3 Gal(US)
Hydraulic Tank131 l34.6 Gal(US)
Blade Capacity9.30 m312.2 yd3
Ground Clearance576 mm22.7 in
Width - Over Tracks2700 mm106.3 in
Track Length - On Ground3150 mm124.0 in
Blade Width4050 mm159.4 in
Ground Clearance576 mm22.7 in
Speed Forward - Maximum10.30 km/h6.4 MPH
Speed Reverse - Maximum12.30 km/h7.6 MPH
Drawbar Pull Maximum791 kN177.8 lbf
Operating Weight
Operating Weight41500 kg91,491.7 lb

Features & Benefits


Dressta TD-25M Dozer is equipped with totaly new design can which is ROPS/FOPS integrated structure, sound suppression, vibrations isolated, positive pressure and enhanced operator’s environment. The cab has a functional design to keep the operator engaged on the job. Operators will enjoy the newly added features that allow exception in-cab comfort.

  • New high resolution 7inch LCD display screen with rugged design for extreme environments
  • Improved climate controls settings (9 internal AC Vents, new AC)
  • First-class seat
  • New high efficiency ISO mounts
  • 33% more Surface glass area, tappered engine hood
  • New style joysticks
  • Wider door, better access


The cab provides clear view to the blade and ripper working areas and the entire job site, with a direct line of sight to the cutting edge, making it easy to follow the flow of the material under the blade.

  • Improved all around visibility (due to new bigger window area +30% and less blind angles)
  • Improved side visibility of the track chain area (due to sloped shaped hydraulic oil tank)
  • Improved front visibility (due to new cab and sloped shape of the engine hood)


  • New Hydraulic Oil Tank with integrated filler/breather
  • New improved shape of the side compartments – better visibility to the track chains area
  • Larger RHS Engine door for better access to the Engine components
  • Larger access to the radiator filler point

Perfect access to the LHS Compartment

  • Pressure Filters of the Drivetrain
  • Hydraulic Fan Pressure Filter
  • Diagnostic Bar
  • Drive train electrovalves

Perfect access to the RHS Compartment

  • Pilot System Pressure Filter
  • Hydraulic System Return Filters
  • Main Distributor Valve
  • Batteries and master switch



The TD-25M has a low drive undercarriage which lowers the centre of gravity for exceptional stability and safe operation even on high sided slopes. Oscillating track frames reduce shock loads, enhance durability and smooth travel while improving grade ability.

Dressta’s Lubricated Track System (LTS) is engineered to:

  • Reduce sprocket and external bushing wear
  • Eliminate track link counter bore wear and reduce chain warp or twisting
  • Increase track roller and idler life
  • Quieter track chain operation

Dressta offers Rigid and Bogie types of undercarriage.

Rigid System:

  • Fixed front idler
  • 7 x track rollers
  • 2 x top idlers
  • Track chain gauge (250,00 mm)
  • Equilazer bar, pinned
  • Track tensioner

Bogie System:

  • Oscillating front idler
  • 2 (front & rear) X-boogie assy
  • 2 middle K-boogie assy
  • 8 x track rollers
  • 2 x top idlers
  • Track chain gauge (215,9 mm)
  • Equilazer bar, pinned
  • Track tensioner