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Dressta belt shifters are modified versions of our pipelaying equipment that specialize in the movement and construction of conveyor belts in mining applications. Explore our belt shifters below and find your nearest Dressta dealer.

Highly efficient in the construction of worksite conveyor belts.

Special Feature Requests

Dressta belt shifting equipment can be customized to match the requirements of the jobs you do. If the challenges of your project require unique machine modifications, Dressta can help to deliver success through our Special Feature Requests (SFR).

Flexible Load Capacity

Our SB-85 PT conveyor belt shifter has been designed to lift, move and position conveyor belts with a width of up to 2500mm, as well as sliding railway tracks S45, S60 and P65 – components deemed essential to the productivity of a mining site.

Rail Clamp Attachment

The Dressta SB-85 and rail re-handling attachment delivers precise control of the clamp to grab and reposition the rail of the conveyor base for rapid repositioning, and to ensure production schedules don’t slip.

Innovative Counterweight Design

Dressta belt shifters employ hydraulically controlled counterweights on the right-hand side of the machine, which swing horizontally to ensure maximum machine stability and improved visibility for the operator.

The counterweights are designed to be a minimum overall width to further improve the efficiency of manoeuvring conveyor belts.

Built for Tight Spaces

The machines are specialized to operate in the confined spaces often found in belt shifting applications – such as the requirement to move underneath mine overpasses and bridges. An extremely low centre of gravity and high ground clearance provide optimal terrain manoeuvrability, even when the counterweights are extended for maximum load capacity.

Robust Boom & Attachments

The belt shifter booms are built to be used in any weather, however adverse. Rugged and durable, they are built with fully welded box-sections and made from the highest quality steel.

Built-In Damage Prevention

The machines are fitted with mechanical boom kick-outs. These automatically disengage power to the boom winch to prevent damage.

Safety & Security

Boom loads can be easily actuated, simply by disengaging the jaw clutch and moving the controls into the brake/off position.

The tough, high-strength, forged-steel heads ensure safety during any operation.

Efficient Repair Access

Our belt shifters’ modular undercarriage design means that components are easily accessible. Additionally, each component can be removed as a single unit – making repairs or replacements efficient and simple to reduce downtime and keep operating costs low.

Easy Serviceability

Grouped service points and easy access make routine checks fast and convenient. In addition, our diagnostic connectors enable fast troubleshooting of any hydraulic drive train problems.

For further information on features and specifications in Dressta belt shifters, take a look at our product pages or get in touch with us directly.