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Dressta large, medium and compact crawler dozers are the ultimate earth moving equipment for a wide range of applications. Explore our crawler dozers below and find your nearest Dressta dealer.

Built for performance, durability, versatility and operator comfort.

Special Feature Requests

Dressta dozers can be customized to suit the jobs you do. If you need a dozer for mining, road and highway construction, stock piling, forestry, arctic applications and more, you can make a Special Feature Request and we can make it happen.

Pure Power

Dressta?s engine partnership with Cummins Inc. ensures our dozers give you maximum performance in accordance with EU emissions standards. Our dozers’ power range is from 74hp – 515hp through either naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines with a charge-air cooler (CAC).

Alongside the engine, each machine’s modular power train components are manufactured by Dressta – combining performance and efficiency for a superior dozing experience.

Smooth Transmission

Dressta dozers can be built with two types of transmission: hydrostatic transmission on all S-Series machines, and conventional three-speed transmission on all other models.

The advanced hydrostatic transmission enables automatic power management, ensuring that the optimal gear is being used at any time.

Three-speed transmission provides up to six forward and six reverse speeds for efficient power usage according to load conditions.

Advanced torque converter technology enables smooth power transfer.

Precision Control

The steering systems maintain full power to both tracks at all times for excellent traction and responsive turning – even on slopes or loose ground.

Ergonomic joysticks enable precision control and predictable response when operating either the tracks, blade or ripper.


Extreme Durability

Rigid one-piece frames make for highly robust dozers capable of performing in the most extreme conditions. Advanced track and mainframe designs insulate the final drives and powertrain from shock loads to ensure optimal machine longevity.

Dressta’s acclaimed machine undercarriages can withstand long use in abrasive conditions, with each individual part expertly crafted to resist cracking, breakage and extreme temperatures.

Operator Comfort

Dressta dozers are equipped with a safe, ergonomic cab design and highly responsive control system to make operating the vehicle a comfortable experience. For-and-aft visibility enables a full view of the operating environment, and efficient heating and air-conditioning systems maintain the desired working temperature, even with an extremely hot or cold outdoor environment.

Multiple Ripper & Blade Options

Dressta offers rippers and blades for use across different applications. From single or multi-shank rippers of configurable sizes, to straight or universal blades – Dressta can offer the attachments that suit your requirements.

Efficient Repair Access

Our dozers’ modular power train layout has been designed for easy access – every major component can be serviced or replaced in the field in just a few hours.

For further information on features and specifications in Dressta dozers, take a look at our product pages or get in touch with us directly.