Make the grade

The Dressta TD-14 Series mid-sized dozers feature predictable control with outstanding pushing power. They are adaptable and engineered for optimum performance across a diverse range of applications.

The Standard (STD) TD-14 model is available with 160hp and an operating weight of 16.1t, and is also available in Long Track (LT) and Low Ground Pressure (LGP) versions. Customers also have the choice to modify their machine to meet specific requirements through Special Features Requests (SFRs).
View the full specifications, options, SFRs and videos of the TD-14 in action below.

If you cannot find the model below with the appropriate engine configuration (Emission Levels: Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim, Tier 4 Final) for your region, please email us or contact your local dealer.


1 Road construction POLAND



2 TD 14M Extra LT

2 Road construction POLAND

2 Coal maine Bogdanka POLAND

1 TD 14M Extra LT

Basic Specifications

Engine 120 kW 161 HP
Weight Range 15.5 t - 17.6 t 34,172 lb - 38,801 lb
Blade Capacity Range 3.2 - 4.28 m3 4.2 - 5.6 yd3
Ground Pressure 31.4 kPa 4.6 psi

Available Models

Optimal power to weight ratio for unrivalled traction & drawbar pull…

The TD-14M Extra sets the standards for others to follow and is a result of DRESSTA’s experience in designing highly efficient and productive Crawler Dozers.

Design concepts utilised in the TD-14M Extra include, optimisation of weight distribution, modular construction, and use of a one-piece main frame, two-speed Steering Drive and a 3-point track mounting system. Optimal performance is achieved when machine weight is matched to power and the TD-14M Extra provides a second-to-none balance of weight for traction and power for unrivalled drawbar pull.


Key Specifications

EngineManufacturerModelTier Cummins/QSB 6.7/T3
Displacement 6.7 l 408.9 in3
RatedSpeed 1800 RPM
EngineOutputNet 120 kW 161 hp
RatedSpeedTorque 1350 RPM
EngineTorque 893 Nm 658.6 lb/ft
TransmissionTypeFwdRevSpeeds Powershift - 6/6
CarrierRollersTrackRollers 2/7
ShoePitch 191 mm 7.5 in
TrackShoeWidth 560 mm 22.0 in
GroundContactArea 29000 cm2 4,495.0 in2
NumberOfShoes 40
FuelTank 380 l 100.4 Gal(US)
HydraulicTank 59 l 15.6 Gal(US)
BladeCapacity 3.2 m3 4.2 yd3
HeightTopOfROPSMax 3240 mm 127.6 in
WidthOverTracks 2440 mm 96.1 in
TrackLengthOnGround 2600 mm 102.4 in
BladeWidth 3220 mm 126.8 in
SpeedForwardMaximum 10.8 km/h 6.7 MPH
SpeedReverseMaximum 12.9 km/h 8.0 MPH
GroundBearingPressure 55.5 kPa 8.0 psi
DrawbarPullMaximum 355 kN 79.8 lbf
ImplementPumpFlow 135 l/min 4.8 cfm
Operating Weight
OperatingWeight 16100 kg 35,494.4 lb

Features & Benefits


  • Standard Semi-U Blade design combines the penetration ability of a straight blade with the increased capacity provided by short wings. It is used for heavy duty applications such as mining and road construction.
  • 6-way blade allows the operator to make immediate compensations for sloping terrain, type of work being done and type of material being dozed.
SAE J1265
4.28 m3
(5.6 yd3
3.2 m3
(4.2 yd3)

Adjustable parallelogram multi-shank ripper offers excellent 660 mm (26”) penetration in extremely tough materials and can be used with up to 3 shanks adjusted to two vertical positions.

The TD-14M Extra is powered by a diesel engine that delivers outstanding power & torque;

  • Heavy Duty Cummins QSB 6.7 litre Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA Diesel Engine.
  • Direct injection, in-line, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, turbocharged & Charge Air Cooled (CAC) engine developing 120 kW (160 hp) Net at rated engine speed of 1800 rpm

Transmission system that automatically matches speed to load conditions for optimal push power, preventing driveline shock, multiplying the torque required while delivering 6 forward and 6 reverse speeds.

  • Torque Converter
  • 3-Speed Powershift Transmission
  • 2-Speed Steering Drive
  • Double reduction Final Drive

The modular design drivetrain incorporates the engine, torque converter, transmission, steering drive and final drives. Components can be easily removed & re-fitted without oil loss ensuring maximum machine uptime.

A proven design multiple pump system & high capacity hydraulic reservoir for improved cooling. Hose & tube routings are accessible and yet well protected to prevent accidental damage. Trimble ready option is available on factory build orders.

Two-speed steering module on Dressta dozers maintains power to both tracks – at all times. You get the benefit of vastly improved traction to push loads effortlessly through turns, quickly and smoothly.

Deluxe 6-sided ROPS / FOPS Cab with enlarged glass area provides a clear and direct line of sight to both the blade and ripper. The comfortable, sound-suppressed, pressurised cab is equipped with:

  • Efficient air recirculation system
  • Air conditioner & heater with multiple vents
  • Deluxe air suspension seat with adjustable arm rests. The seat swivels 14 degrees to the right for better ripper viewing
  • Ergonomically designed joystick controls for direction, blade and ripper operations.

DRESSTA Mainframe and Track frame system ensures excellent machine balance for dozing, ripping, or final grading applications.

  • Mainframe – a one-piece weldment consisting of the front frame, rear frame, and equaliser bar. The rugged design of the mainframe absorbs impact shock loads and twisting forces to ensure a long life.
  • High quality sealed and lifetime lubricated track rollers
  • Heavy-duty idlers and track tensioners

Tracks – High quality durable tracks for tough working conditions;

  • Track Chain - Links made of drop forged steel alloy and strutted to resist twisting and working stresses.
  • Track Shoes - Wide range of track shoe widths helps to match TD-14M Extra perfectly to all types of ground conditions.
  • Dressta Lubricated Track System (LTS)

Track Chain Guides and Track Roller Guards – Track chain guides are standard equipment and full length track roller guards are optional.

Suspension System – 3-point suspension system consisting of two pivot shafts and equaliser bar.