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Dressta?s three models of pipelayers range from 33 to 100 ton lifting capacity are built to be robust, dependable and safe to operate, meeting the demands of your pipelaying needs in even the harshest conditions. Explore our pipelayers below and find your nearest Dressta dealer.

Strong, efficient, dependable – designed for the unique demands of the pipeline industry.

Special Feature Requests

Dressta pipelayers can be modified according to the specific requirements of your environment and the jobs you do. Whatever the conditions your machine is working in, we can tailor your equipment especially for you. Contact us today for more information about our Special Feature Requests.

Superior Stability

Dressta pipelayers employ hydraulically controlled counterweights which swing horizontally, ensuring maximum machine stability and improved visibility for the operator.

Innovative Counterweight Design

Four identical counterweight segments allow for fast installation and reinstallation, so transportation is a quick and streamlined process.

Furthermore, these counterweights are all designed to be a minimum overall width, removing any difficulty when manoeuvring, transporting or shipping.

Good Ground Clearance

The high mounting location of counterweights on Dressta pipelayers always provide good ground clearance, even when the counterweights are extended for optimum load capacity.

Robust Boom Design

Both the standard and optional booms are built to be used in all weather, and in even the most challenging environments. Rugged and durable, they are built with fully welded box-sections, and made from the highest quality steel.

Dressta pipelayers’ booms are all matched to withstand even the most severe pipelaying stresses.

Built-In Damage Prevention

Mechanical boom kick-outs automatically disengage power to the boom winch, preventing and damage to the boom when it is in its highest position.

Safety & Security

Hook and boom loads with free-fall can easily be actuated, simply by disengaging the jaw clutch and moving the controls into the brake/off position. In the unlikely case of engine failure, a suspended load can be lowered safely and securely to the ground.

The tough, high-strength forged-steel hooks, with free rotations, ensure the safety of all operations.

Efficient Repair Access

Our pipelayers’ design means that components are arranged for easy accessibility, and can be removed as single units – making repairs or replacements efficient and simple, and keeping operating costs low.

Easy Serviceability

Grouped service points and easy access make routine checks fast and convenient. In addition, our diagnostic connectors enable fast troubleshooting of any hydraulic drive train problems.

For further information on features and specifications in Dressta pipelayers, take a look at our product pages or get in touch with us directly.